Upgrading Your A/C

"With the price of producing new technology going down year after year is it worth throwing down extra dollars to upgrade your A/C? "

People ask us this question constantly. Literally every day people are calling in and asking if now would be an appropriate time to upgrade their seemingly ancient A/C in place of the newer, more energy efficient unit. It' a major decision for sure, but luckily air conditioners aren't doubling in speed every eighteen months like our good friends the PC's, air conditioners are a much more stable technology with little to no radical improvements in the pipelines for at least the next couple of years.

The reason air conditioning hasn't had many great leaps in technology over the years is very simple, A/C's are pretty basic machines. They don't have any fancy bells and whistles, no need to upgrade them to grab the newest feature like our friends over at Apple, an air conditioner has one purpose, to take hot air and make it cold. Not to say this isn't an important feature, but it's far from being as sexy as main stream consumer electronics.

If you think it's time for a new Plano air conditioning unit, we say go for it! As we've previously stated the technology has and will be pretty stable for a long time. The "coolest" thing (Did you like what I did there?) we've had happen over the years is a change of cooling fluids, pretty glamorous huh? We thought so too.

The main stat you'll want to look for is an A/C with a high SEER. SEER or Season Energy Efficiency Ratings range from 1-23 so do your research or give us a call at Plano Air Conditioning if you need any help.