Saving Money With Your A C

Ceiling fans and block fans are the answer to your energy bill saving dreams. It's almost counter intuitive but with our years of personal experience we have proven time and time again that a simple flick of the switch or plugging in that old fashion fan you keep in the bedroom for when the sweltering heat of our North Texas summers set in are actually more energy efficient than cranking the thermostat.

It's a bit crazy to think that a fan running all day and night would suck up a lot of energy but here's what Plano air conditioning has come up with in an effort to justify this 'radical' new concept.

When turning on the air conditioner you are going to force the unit to cool the entire house, every room, every bathroom, every closet is going to get blasted with icy manufactured air. You originally just wanted to cool yourself off on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch but with a simple crank of your wrist you've thrown a couple dollars to the wind. You don't need "that one room no one goes in upstairs" cold enough to make a penguin shiver, you just need to remedy the immediate need to cool yourself off.

A fan on the other hand is much more catered to the immediate task at hand, cooling you off in whatever room you're in. If you want even more immediate relieve you can do a childhood favorite of mine, stand right in front of it and repeat the now infamous phrase from my favorite childhood show Power Rangers, "Megazord activated". Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. Anyways that's all Plano Air conditioning has to offer you this week, check back soon for more info.